by The Delphines

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released May 27, 2014

Jami Eaton - vocals
Harrison Colby - guitar/vocals
Lucas Riddle - bass
Jeremy Ault - drums

Cover photo - Carl Van Vechten "Portrait of Martha Graham and Bertram Ross, faces touching, in Visionary recital" 1961
Cover design - Harrison Colby

Recorded/Mixed - Harrison Colby
Mastering - Justin Perkins

vocals on "Notches" - Jamie Ault, Jeremy Ault, Katrina Cary, Henry Chern, Aaron Helt, KC Hewz, Jason Jolly, Eamonn Keyes, Sam Lehnert, Claire Marie, Matthew Pappas, Joseph Peterson, Lucas Riddle, Isaac Sherman, Aaron Skufca,



all rights reserved


The Delphines Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Delphines are a band from Milwaukee, WI.

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Track Name: Screen Door
from the palm of your little hand
to the finish on your nightstand
to the window where the neighbors look
out the screen door the hard winds shook

your limbs are shot dead
i wanna see you move again
and i'm an island all to myself
nothing to say
nothing to forgive

still as my heart
but my heart still can't take...

from the words that you spoke so soft
to the listener's disruptive cough
to the silence hanging in the air
out from under a dismissive stare
Track Name: Eat You Alive
it takes a certain kind of reliable man
i think i got it but i'll always be deficient
what's so hard, i don't understand
he's gonna eat you alive
Track Name: Hush
(i can't stand the stuff)
(i'm sick of waiting around for you)

what's the thing that you wanna hear
(you're the only thing i want)
just say it again

i only want you after midnight
after four or five
that's when this feels right

i haven't got much time
that's all that you are to me

(three phone calls just to wake you up)
you're the only thing i want
(just say it again)
Track Name: Careless
the only way i talk to you
i think i need you to scare me half to death
you fix your gaze
passed mine
to another
i couldn't care less

i think i found my mind
wandering in time
conversation bind
i try my best
but i couldn't care less

you stand with strength
but your eyes won't lock mine
it's a wonder
you even see me at all
i'm always banging into you
i couldn't care less
Track Name: Wasted Love
leave soon honey
i wanna drink by myself
everything that's not nailed down
to the top shelf

leave soon
i wanna drink alone
close the blinds
and turn off my phone

when you come home
carry me to bed
with a glass of water if you love me
like i love you
wasted love

leave soon honey
i wanna drink by myself
and every drop that i drink
the warmest i've felt

when you come home
carry me to bed
and if you love me what's the last thing i said
Track Name: Feral
wild don't know my love
wild don't lock me up
wild don't trace my lips
wild don't grab my hips

i'm a barrel full
i'm a barrel full
i'm a barrel full
i'm going feral

wild don't know my face
wild don't know my hate
wild don't lock me up
wild don't know chains

without culture without creed
without reason without breed
Track Name: Vice
make some room
i got a little
that's all you need man
gotta crutch
and i keep it under my shoulder
never gonna let on

got a funny feeling
gonna keep it a secret
never gonna let on
that i can't see straight

hide the stuff
it's just a little
that's all you need man
gotta a vice
the only thing that sticks around
the only thing that keeps me down
Track Name: Little Viking
not a single bad bone
in your little body
bat those half moon eyes little viking
until you find your carbon copy

you're just a little lost cause
come on give me something
you need a woman's love

you took on too many lovers
trying to find your mother
now you don't wanna choose
you're lucky you're so cute

come on now tell me little viking
what is it? i ain't to your liking
am i not old enough
you're gonna live a long long time
Track Name: Kentucky
we hardly knew you
and when you tip back that moonshine
don't forget who gave it to you

she wants to grab your hair
and if that's the only thing she remembers
i don't blame her

hope's not lost
you just don't remember

we're lucky
we got to know you
and when you tip back that moonshine
just let it hold you
Track Name: Notches
counted on my fingers
counted on my hand
counted all the notches that my little heart could stand
gap in your teeth is too sweet

the space between your eight hundred thread count sheets