Fear EP

by The Delphines

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written, recorded, and played by Jami Eaton and Harrison Colby


released August 23, 2012



all rights reserved


The Delphines Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Delphines are a band from Milwaukee, WI.

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Track Name: fear
i've made a mess
at least that's what he says
little girl's in town
she's sleeping in my bed

don't run
run run me over
i've never done anything to you

i've got some colors
i'll paint your picture
but if it's all the same
i won't show it to you

i used to fear you as a child

mother says i'm blessed
he didn't bother to hear the rest
it's in his head
i think he'd have me dead
Track Name: toytonic
she's gotta teutonic boy
his shoes are falling apart
he's got a name that you can't pronounce

you wear your eyeliner so well

she's gotta teutonic boy
she's gotta hole in her heart
hair down
short skirt
looking for nothing
he's just a yellow haired boy and he don't need lovin

you wear your eyeliner so well
Track Name: drifters
i'm a drifter, honey
i'm a tumbleweed tumblin' from town to town
I ain't got no home town just a town where I was born
I've been movin baby
Since my legs, they hit the ground
Until I hit the curb driving 105 and it shot my body down

A week used to feel like forever
Now it's only 7 days
I hate to bum the last one from you, friend
You know I'll get you back when I come through again

I'm just a drifter on the run
I'm just a wagon wheel rollin' on
Maybe someday I'll unpack my bags and I'll stay
But I'll always see you when I come through that way

I'm a vagrant, darling
I'm a castaway, a renegade, a vagabond
But you know that I ain't too strong when it comes to leaving you behind
We had 40 oz.
We had let it bleed and blonde on blonde
I'll sit through one more song
Before it ends I'll be gone

A day used to feel like a lifetime
Now it's no different than the rest
I'll just roll on roll on
from town to town
Until I'm six feet underground
Track Name: under tablecloths
you're never satisfied
with your rooftop parties
and your OE forties
under tablecloths
and when we arrive
we're gonna wanna steal away tonight
and leave this behind

why else would we want to follow you

we are joan of arc
we all know what you are
we are
we are

until you recognize
that you don't have a friend here tonight
but you pretend you do despite
you're searchin for nothin
it only takes a few drinks to decide
and where do you hide?
under tablecloths